TSSROLL450 120 Kg 450x50 (380mm x 48mm) Galvanised Steel Conveyor Roller


Technical Specifications

  • -Load Capacity- 120 Kg
  • -Roller Diameter- 48mm
  • -Roller Face Length- 380mm
  • -Roller Over Bearing Width - 387mm
  • -Roller Material- Galvanised Steel
  • -Shaft Diameter- 10mm x 8mm(Flat)
  • -Shaft Length- 412mm
  • -Shaft Extension- 12.5mm
  • -Spring Loaded Shaft?- Yes
  • -Bearing Type- Ball Bearings

***Yes this is the correct item for the battery cylinder mowers! :-)***

Our Steel Gravity Conveyor Rollers have a load capacity of 120kg. They deliver smooth, efficient, and safe goods transportation along conveyor lines in all kinds of industries. Using the power of gravity, these rollers offer a straightforward and cost-effective solution for everyone from warehouses to manufacturing plants.

With spring-loaded shafts for ease of maintenance and installation. Shafts also have flats to lock into the frame, ensuring the roller is running on the bearings. Remember to always have at least three rollers supporting your goods for the best results.

We can also custom manufacture rollers to fit your exact needs. Whether you need different sizing or material we can offer Stainless steel, PVC, galvanized steel, rubber coating. Also threaded ends and different shafts. Please call or email the office to discuss any custom needs.

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