VUQ250 2000 Kg Polyurethane Wheel


Technical Specifications

  • -Load Capacity- 2000 Kg
  • -Wheel Diameter- 254mm
  • -Wheel Material- Cast Iron
  • -Tyre Material- Polyurethane
  • -Tread Width- 75mm
  • -Hub Length (unsleeved)- 83mm
  • -Hub Length (sleeved)- 89mm
  • -Bore Diameter (Unsleeved)- 30mm
  • -Sleeved Bore Diameter Options- 19mm (3/4")
  • -Sleeve Type- Top Hat Pair
  • -Bearing Type- Ball Bearings

Very heavy duty polyurethane tyred cast iron wheel - fitted with ball bearings (supplied with 2 top hat spacers)

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$376.65 (Incl. GST)