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Convert-A-Trolley 300/150 Kg Dual Purpose Hand Trolley In-store pickup required


Technical Specifications

  • -Wheel Type- Pneumatic OR Puncture Proof
  • -Wheel Size- 265mm diameter x 70mm, (410/350 x 4)
  • -Toe-plate Type + Size- Aluminium Tube
  • -Total Height- 1200mm
  • -Handle Height- 920mm
  • -Width (across wheels)- 600mm
  • -Unit Weight- 22 Kg
  • -Capacity- Platform - 300 Kg / Upright - 150 Kg

Convert-A-Trolley dual purpose hand trolley suitable for multiple freight handling scenarios. Fitted as standard with high quality pneumatic wheels as recommended for best performance, puncture proof wheels also available if required.

Castors + Wheels can be changed with others from our range if required.

Stainless Steel trolley also available, contact us to find out more.

In-store pickup required.
Local freight can be arranged call (03) 9792 3949.


Wheel Options
$748.00 (Incl. GST)