Shipping Rates


Running our online store with standard shipping rates is tricky. We have calculated "average" shipping costs to send out our wide variety of products across most parts of Australia. These costs are generally under recovered by us - but allows simplicity to our operation - and to you our valued customer.

We have noticed that we are getting a few "abandoned checkouts" usually for small low value items. The standard shipping rates may seem too high for these orders. We are looking at a weight/volume based shipping system that will alter the pricing depending on the items added to your cart - and hope to have this implemented soon.

In the meantime, we ask that if you wish to order small lower value goods - such as inner tubes, adjustable feet, tube inserts - email us and we can arrange a special shipping rate (usually we send these type of items in express post bags). 

We thank you for your continued support - an look forward to making our online store a better shopping experience.



Ben Taylor

Dandenong Wheels & Castors


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