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TH300 Premium Puncture Proof 180 Kg Hand Trolley In-store pickup required


Technical Specifications

  • -Wheel Type- Premium Puncture Proof - Best Performance
  • -Wheel Size- 265mm diameter x 70mm
  • -Toe-plate Type + Size- Steel strap 60mm x 8mm thick, 430mm x 235mm
  • -Total Height- 1430mm
  • -Width (across wheels)- 575mm
  • -Unit Weight- 21 Kg
  • -Capacity- 300 Kg

"Roundhouse" model "Easy-Tilt" easy operation. All round suitability, with drum hook added. Supplied with quality Fallshaw MCP filled pneumatic type puncture proof wheels. Performance is similar to pneumatic wheels with long life.

In-store pickup required.
Local freight can be arranged call (03) 9792 3949.

$434.50 (Incl. GST)