PTS100 Pallet Jack Stop / Wheel Chock


PTS100 Description

  • Pallet Truck Stop is designed to prevent your empty pallet jack from moving. Ideal for use to prevent movement in trucks, trailers or vans.
  • Made of solid moulded plastic construction.
  • Convenient mould-in handle for positioning.
  • Bottom surface has rubber suction-cup grips.
  • Made to prevent any movement on the floor of a truck, trailer or van.
  • Eliminates freight, trailer door and wall damage due to runaway pallet trucks.
  • It protects valuable freight and equipment from damage caused when a pallet truck drifts.
  • Ideal for freight companies, trucking companies and other materials handling customers.
  • Drivers will no longer be required to secure their pallet jacks with ties or employ load bars to stabilize them, nor will they need to resort to flipping the pallet jacks on their sides to prevent movement.

Dimensions- 650mm x 360mm x 70mm 

Weight- 4kg

$99.00 (Incl. GST)

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