F650X8SB58 150 Kg 390mm Puncture Proof Pneumatic


Technical Specifications.

  • -Load Capacity- 150 Kg
  • -Nominal Wheel Diameter- 390mm
  • -Nominal Tread Width- 130mm
  • -Tyre Type + Tread Style- Black Turf Pattern, Solid MCP Tyre
  • -Ply Rating- N/A
  • -Rim Diameter- 8"
  • -Rim Material- Red Metal
  • -Rim Style- 1 piece
  • -Boss Width- 106mm
  • -Hub Type- Central
  • -Bore Diameter- 1" Reduced to 5/8"
  • -Bearing Type- Precision sealed ball bearing, 1 " bearing shown

Puncture-proof hand-trolley wheel fitted with a black polyurethane foam tyre. Convenient and low maintenance - no need to regularly check tyre pressures. Ideal for locations such as building sites, farms and workshops or anywhere a compressed air supply is not available, or where there is a risk of punctures from nails, glass or other sharp objects.

Budget MCP foam "pneumatic type" wheels - NO air - No punctures. Not suitable for static loads.

$128.25 (Incl. GST)