BLEH1500/1800 150 Kg Electric Bin Lifter / TipperIn-store pickup required


Technical Specifications:

  • Safe lifting capacity: 150 Kg
  • Type: Electric
  • Lifts: 80L, 120L, 140L and 240L bins (manual adjustment)
  • AC Power: 240V Electric operation or
  • Battery Power: Mobile rechargeable 12V operation
  • Fits through internal doorways

The Powered Binlifter 150 is designed for manoeuvrability. The small foot print and light weight, combined with the 240V electro-hydraulic operation make it perfect for heavier bins on building/industrial sites. The lift mechanism is a full swing operation ( as opposed to the lift and tilt operation of the Ecolift 50); which enables the compact size and light weight, but which is recommended for trained users away from the general public for safety reasons.

Additional Resources:

In-store pickup required.

Local freight can be arranged call (03) 9792 3949

Tipping Height Options
$8,260.00 (Incl. GST)

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