Mantova 25 x 25 x M12 25.4mm Round Plastic Thread Threaded Tube Insert


Technical Specifications

  • -Size- 25.4mm x M12
  • -threaded-tube-inserts, outer Tube Measurements- 25.4mm
  • -Thread Size- M12
  • -Thread Type- Nylon
  • -Inserted Length- 65mm
  • -Overall Length- 72.5mm
  • -Plug Measurements- 22.2mm to 22.9mm
  • -Recommended Tube Internal Size- 22.2mm to 22.8mm

Solid nylon threaded tube insert. Suitable for mounting adjustable/levelling feet and castors. Glass filled nylon for strength with no metal parts. Suitable for corrosive environments.

$3.10 (Incl. GST)