KZHT07525-TPB 50kg Zinc Castor Bolt-Hole Total Brake Grey TPE 75mm x 25mm


Technical Specifications:

  • Castor Type: Bolt-Hole
  • Load Capacity: 50kg
  • Brake Type: Total Brake
  • Mounting Type: 10mm Bolt-Hole
  • Wheel Material: Grey TPE
  • Wheel Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
  • Threadguard Fitted? Yes
  • Frame Finish: Zinc
  • Wheel Diameter X Tread Width: 75mm x 25mm
  • Overall Height: 102mm
  • Axle Type: Bolted
  • Mounting Plate Dimensions: N/A
  • Mounting Plate Hole Centres: N/A
  • Mounting Plate Hole Diameter: N/A
  • Swivel Radius (inc. brake if fitted): 88mm

Economy light industrial grey TPE castor fitted with thread guards. General use on lighter applications such as shop fitting, furniture and medical equipment.

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