Electrodrive Tug Evo In-store pickup required



  • Capacity: 1 & 2  tonne models available
  • Move heavy trolleys and wheel objects safely and efficiently
  • Quiet, smooth operation with zero emissions
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy attachment to trolleys, manual or automated hitches available
  • Simple to use, no driver's licence required
  • Training and servicing programs available
  • Comprehensive 12 month warranty on all Electrodrive equipment

Typical applications:

  • Moving trolleys through airports, factories or institutions
  • Transport of stillages around a facility
  • Moving specialist equipment

Move heavy wheeled objects weighing up to 2 tonnes.

The Tug EVO is designed to improve workplace efficiency whilst reducing the risk of serious injuries sustained by manually moving heavy or awkward loads.

The Tug EVO allows a single operator to quickly and easily hitch to a load and move it. Steering with the tiller handle allows the operator to walk in front of a heavy load, reducing strain on the lower back, shoulders and legs, whilst maximising forward vision to reduce the possibilities of collisions.

We know safely moving loads is important in the workplace, so we have designed the Tug EVO to be serviced easily and quickly, ensuring the equipment's availability for use in the workplace.

Additional Resources:

Capacity & Hitch Option
$12,000.00 (Incl. GST)

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